Fake News Headlines (Feb '17)

01 Apr 2017

You may have seen these headlines on your social media feed at some point. How well can you tell fact from fiction, when it comes to the news? As the world gets weirder and weirder, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Test yourself here!

1. "President Tan invites Thailand's new king to visit Singapore to eat KFC"
[Circulated on Facebook in Dec 2016]

2. "Roof of Punggol Waterway Terraces Collapses!"
[Posted on All Singapore Stuff in Nov 2016]

3. "Kim Jong-un throws dance party to celebrate North Korea missile launch"
[Reported in The Independent in Aug 2016]

4. Video circulating on FB showing Reunion meal that costs $240,000 in Singapore
[Facebook post, Feb 2017]

5. "Indonesian mayor says canned formula milk and instant noodles 'are making babies gay'"
[Speech reported in OkeZone in Feb 2016]

6. "M’sia police recruitment ad uses S’porean actor Elvin Ng photo. M’sia Boleh."
[From Mothership Jan 2017]

7. "Feng Tianwei beats world no. 1 after being kicked out of S’pore Table Tennis Association"
[From Mothership in Dec 2016]

8. "PM Lee presented with traditional gift horse during ASEM summit in Mongolia"
[Reported in Channel NewsAsia Jul 2016]

9. "Indian towns plan statue, museum on Mr Lee Kuan Yew"
[Straits Times Apr 2015]

10. "Huge fire breaks out at waste management plant in Tuas"
[Straits Times Feb 2017]

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