MRT broken again ah? Take taxi la!

07 Dec 2017

Last time take MRT macam like magic. Train come on time, train move very fast, train reach Orchard road, then you go jalan jalan. No need to think, confirm last time train always work. Nowadays is more like horror movie. Train is late, train is stuck, train is slow, train got flooding. I scared will one day I see all the MRT staff become zombie! Aiyoh, why like that. Taxi uncle say, next time the train is broken just call me! I confirm is better! Oh, yeah, my taxi company is also SMRT hor, so if the train is broken and you take taxi, they also still earn money. Hurhurhur.

1. Eh almost every month got hear about SMRT breakdown ever since the current CEO Desmond Kuek took over. Confirm the reliability is worse today than in 2012?
Are there more delays (>5min) on the SMRT NS/EW lines nowadays than in 2012?

2. Eh I heard this CEO Desmond Kuek damn ruthless one. Apparently in order to improve the staff quality and reduce costs, he fired a lot of incompetent engineers! My friend sent me this screenshot from an internal SMRT email!

Did SMRT fire 50% of the night crew over the last 5 years?

3. Eh last time got fewer train stations but at least all the trains run on time. Nowadays go so many stations but like always late like that.
How many MRT stations are there in the entire MRT (SBS + SMRT) network as of end-2017?

4. Eh you got pay attention when you take the train or not? I got notice that NS line goes from station NS5 Yew Tee to NS7 Kranji... but NS6 is missing! I think got others like that also leh... but not sure if my maths is bad or I am actually damn clever.
How many (if any) station codes are "skipped" on the MRT line?

5. Eh, better check before you take the train... which is the most reliable MRT line in 2016/17?
Based on the international metric called Mean Kilometre Between Failure (for delays >5min), which MRT line runs the longest before going kaput?

6. Eh, so now I know which line to take for best service, which is the worst line in terms of reliability?
Based on the MKBF, which MRT line runs the *shortest* before going kaput?

7. Eh when I take the train sometimes (yeah lah, taxi uncle also can take train), I see the distance from Yio Chu Kang MRT to Khatib MRT station is daaaaaammmmmmn long! Feels like the longest gap between 2 stations. Why is that ah?
  1. There was an error during the initial planning stage.
  2. There is no suitable location for a stop due to the reservoir nearby
  3. The land there is not suitable to construct an over-ground station due to soil conditions
  4. The original plan was to build a Disneyland there with its own MRT station
  5. There is low demand in that area as there is no residential area nearby.
  6. None of the above

Which of the above reasons is correct?

8. Eh, Minister Khaw Boon Wan say that CEO Desmond Kuek "volunteered" for the job. Where got volunteer one - he is highly paid for his role! Eh next time ask me to volunteer la, I also willing to volunteer if you pay me millions and millions of dollars! Aiyoh
How much did CEO Desmond Kuek earn in 2016?

9. Eh why SMRT cannot afford to pay for better engineers and more maintenance ah? Is it because they got not enough profit, that's why cannot afford to spend more?
How much annual net profit did SMRT make in FY16?

10. Waaah SMRT damn rich la. But ne'ermind, because when they cock it up and got train delay or breakdown, I'm sure the gahmen will come after them and LTA will whack them damn hard with financial penalty until they cannot tahan. I heard that LTA can impose a financial penalty of up to 10% of SMRT's annual profit if the MKBF drops below a certain target or if there is a massive breakdown again!
LTA can impose a financial penalty of up to 10% of SMRT's annual profit for failing to meet rail reliability targets.

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