Still 6.9 million people?

28 Sep 2017

Eh, you also feel it right? Like suddenly last few years everywhere also damn crowded. Last time want to go for dinner, just go to restaurant and sure got table. Now must chope la, book la, pay reservation fee la. Last time want to watch movie, just go and sure have ticket la. Now confirm must buy online first. Why ah? Is really so crowded meh?

1. Eh Singapore getting very crowded leh. Confirm it is the most crowded city, at least in ASEAN lah. Right?
Which city in ASEAN has the highest population density (people per square km)?

2. Eh, Singapore crowded already but last time the gahmen wrote this population white paper that say we must grow until hit 6.9million people! Siow! Confirm Parliament supported this target?
The Population White Paper figure of 6.9m was endorsed by Parliament in 2013.

3. Eh, I see malay families like to have more children compared to Chinese and Indian families so must be Malay population growing faster than the rest right? [Which line shows the correct growth rate of our Malay population?]
Which line shows the correct growth rate of our Malay population?

4. Eh, so got Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Others, right? Roughly how many “Others” are there in Singapore?

5. Joseph Schooling win us Olympic medal but we still recognise his race as “Others” only. So mean right? We should just rename “Others” to “Eurasian”, because most Others are Eurasian!

6. Eh last time people complain got too many foreigners in Singapore. How much is local locals ah? 
What percentage of our total population (residents and non-residents) are Singapore Citizens?

7. Eh, I hear nowadays quite hard to for guys to meet girls, that’s why must use tinder la, paktor la, okcupid la. Actually the reason is because Singapore got not enough women!
There are more men than women in Singapore’s resident population.

8.  Eh, just for reference ah, how big is the world population?

9. Eh last time around the financial crisis time the gahmen let in so many foreigners then economy explode but foreigner never go home. Which of these claims is true:
  1. Our non-resident population grew an additional ~60% from 2006 to 2011
  2. Our PR growth rate was the highest at 11.5% in 2009
  3. Our non-resident growth rate was 19% per year in 2008
  4. We have had negative growth in the number of PRs in the last 4 years
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above

10. Eh the founder of this site got damn happy looking chindian baby, so must ask random question: Roughly how many half-indian half-chinese babies are born every year (in the last 3 years)? 

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