Count on me, Singapore?

19 Jul 2017

Singapore is about to celebrate our 52nd National Day Parade on 9 Aug 2017. Many of us have fond memories of NDP from our childhood - but how much of the history of NDP do you actually know? Can you get all 10 questions from the taxi uncle correct?

You: Uncle, going to floating platform please.
Taxi Uncle: Aiyoh, got traffic diversion la. You don't know is NDP rehearsal today meh?
You: Uncle, I'm going to watch the NDP rehearsal show! Have you been before?
Taxi Uncle: Eh please la. I how old already. When I was a little boy, I stood on the streets for the very first National Day Parade in 1966! Last time no need to online ticket nonsense all. Just wake up, go to the street, and watch. I watch the show every year until sian already la.
You: Wahhhhh. Did you know this year the parade is slightly different? Quite exciting!
Taxi Uncle: Aiyoh, every year the SAF Colonel in charge also must say is something different what. Don't be bodoh la. I've watched every single NDP. You so clever you see if you know the NDP history or not?

1. Taxi uncle ask you ah, which NDP had the song "Home" for the first time?

2. Taxi uncle ask you ah, what is the name of the NDP song for 2017?

3. Taxi uncle say, the NDP songs getting worse and worse every year until I also cannot remember any of them. I think got one year the NDP organiser never even bother to do song! Which year was that ah?
In which year (if any) was there no NDP song?

4. Taxi uncle say, actually I like to go karaoke and sing the old NDP songs leh. But one year hor, got some idiot include a rap inside the NDP song! Uncle cannot sing rap la. Anyway that year the song damn terrible la, uncle don't want to sing it even without the rap.
Which year featured a rap as part of the NDP song?

5. Taxi uncle remember ah, one year it rain so hard until all the parade people all kena drenched like anything. But Singaporeans never give up, still continue parade even though everybody underwear all wet wet. Which year was that?
In which year did it rain most heavily during the NDP?

6. Taxi uncle say, the huge flag that is flown by the Chinook helicopter for NDP weighs more than this uncle's Toyota Corolla taxi! True or not?
The fully-rigged flag flown for NDP weighs more than 1200 kg (the weight of a Toyota Corolla car)

7. Taxi uncle tell you ah, in 1988 PM Lee Kuan Yew actually asked the gahmen to organise a big street dance party for NDP, and more than 200,000 turned up to dance! Damn fun! You believe or not?
Did then-PM Lee Kuan Yew request for a large street dance party on Orchard Road as part of the NDP celebrations in 1988?

8. Taxi uncle really like to watch the Red Lions parachute into the NDP - damn skill lah those Commandos. They always parachute into the parade with the Singapore Flag attached to their feet, but I think one year they got attach other country flag instead! Dunno if that was by mistake or not!
The Red Lions parachuted into the NDP bearing a non-Singapore flag in 1997.

9. Taxi uncle say ah, his favourite part of the whole NDP is to sing the national anthem when the helicopter fly past with the flag. Wah, feel damn shiok man. Always feel proud to be Singaporean for that moment at least. Do you know when this flypast tradition started?
Which year was the helicopter flag flypast first introduced for NDP?

10. Taxi uncle enjoy the NDP but quite worried that the gahmen is just wasting money on all the fancy effects la. How much does it cost to hold NDP ah? Should be damn ex, right?
How much did it cost to organise the NDP in 2016 in our new stadium?

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