Gahmen elderly schemes damn confusing la

27 Jun 2017

[This quiz is framed as a hypothetical chat with a taxi uncle. Sometimes the government announces so many new schemes that it is difficult to make sense of the mess of acronyms.] 
You: Uncle, you drive very slowly leh. I sure late for dinner like this.
Taxi Uncle: Eh, uncle very old la, must drive slower a bit. 
You: Oh, sorry uncle. Are you a Pioneer Generation?
Taxi Uncle: Ah? You want to go to Pioneer JC instead ah? Cannot la, I think Pioneer kena JC merger already so no more.
You: No no no. I meant are you old enough to be a Pioneer Singaporean?
Taxi Uncle: Orrrh, say clearer la. Urh, I think I Pioneer. Or maybe I Silver Support. Or I think also got ElderCareShieldFund support. Aiyah, this Gahmen introduce scheme until uncle also confuse lah. 

1. Taxi uncle say, actually why only some people can get GST Voucher from gahmen hor? Not fair right, you and I also pay GST so should also get voucher what. It's our tax money what.
Who is eligible for GST Vouchers scheme?

2. Taxi uncle say, aiyah anyway the GST Voucher is to trick us la, the gahmen only give just before they call election. Everybody also know this.
How often are GST Vouchers paid out to the recipients?

3. Taxi uncle say, I am Pioneer Generation but still never receive any cash from gahmen leh. See lah, I told you is all rubbish one.
Is there a cash payout as part of the Pioneer Generation Package?

4. Taxi uncle say, I also got hear of some Silver Support scheme - got free money for seniors. How come I never get?
Who is the Silver Support Scheme for?

5. Taxi uncle say, eh got Silver Scheme, got Pioneer scheme, got so many schemes for seniors until I also lost count. How many schemes are there ah?

6. Taxi uncle heard that Fairprice NTUC gives discounts to old people leh, which days ah?
On which days do elderly get discounts at NTUC?

7. Taxi uncle hear that gahmen accidentally revealed that 1.3million Singaporeans are poor because they need social support? Confirm true?
Is it real or fake news that 1.3m Singaporeans are living in poverty?

8. Taxi uncle say, gahmen only introduce all these schemes to help us after they kena whack during GE2011! Right?
Silver Support, Workfare Income Supplement, and GST Vouchers were introduced after GE 2011

9. Taxi uncle say, petrol duty so high already, I still have to pay GST on top of the petrol duty for the petrol I use. 

10. Taxi uncle say, aiyo gahmen is surely spending less to support households and workers, with the big infrastructure projects hor? 

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