Kaypoh Auntie: Married already ah?

01 Apr 2017

We all have the Kaypoh Auntie who corners us during the holiday season and interrogates us about our relationship / family status and updates us on all the gossip in the family. Sometimes Kaypoh Auntie wields some scandalous facts about marriage and divorce, in order to make the story more exciting - but though her stories might be true, the data might not be. How well do you know the truth about marriage and divorce in Singapore? Test your knowledge against surprising statistics and policy to see if you can emerge on top![This quiz is designed for data testing purposes - which means that it contains a diversity of question types but some are pretty data-heavy, so apologies in advance if you start yawning halfway through. The data is real and some of the questions are pretty interesting though.]

1. Eh, auntie tell you ah, this year your cousins all not getting married leh. Just a few years ago all my friends children all got married. I attended so many weddings in 2014, like almost every day got wedding!
How many marriages were there in 2014? [Including civil and Muslim marriages registered in Singapore]

2. Eh, kaypoh auntie tell you ah, did you know that your uncle Robert just got divorced?! Yeah lor, I think because his group of friends all same age 45 years old all divorced la so kena peer pressure. So bad right?
What percentage of divorcees are men over 45 years old?

3. Eh auntie tell you ah, did you know that marriage not easy hor. I married so long already to that idiot - I mean - your uncle, and still I tahan. Nowadays couples getting divorced so quickly, like just a few years then divorce already!
For those who divorced, how long did the marriage last before divorce? [Median number of years]

4. Auntie tell you ah, for girl better not wait too long to get married hor. Nowadays all the girls getting married so late, very difficult la.
What age do most women get married? [Median age]

5. Auntie tell you ah, you know the guy who wrote this website? His wife is Chinese but he is Indian! Last time was big scandal but now like very normal leh, like so many inter-racial marriages already.
What percentage of marriages are inter-ethnic?

6. Auntie tell you ah, when couple divorce the children will suffer. Luckily I hear gah-men force all the divorcing parents to attend a Mandatory Parenting Programme before divorce finish.
All divorcing parents must attend a mandatory parenting programme first

7. Auntie tell you ah, gah-men nowadays so pro-family. Get married also can entitled to up to 2 weeks marriage leave since last year!
Singaporeans are entitled to 2 weeks of Marital Leave for their wedding and honeymoon.

8. Auntie tell you ah, I very popular for wedding invitation because I give big big ang pao. But all the children all invite me to wedding in same month, how to attend?
Which is the most popular month to get married in?

9. Auntie tell you ah, all you youngsters don’t like to get married young anymore. Last time I married that idiot - I mean - your uncle when I was just 18 years old! You how old already still not married yet! tsk tsk.
What percent of individuals between 25-29 years old are unmarried? [2016 data]

10. Auntie tell you ah, I last time want you to get married only to Singaporean but nowadays got so many foreigner here, some quite hamsum and chio, I think marry foreigner also ok lah.
What percent of marriages are between a Singaporean and a Foreigner?

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