Taxi Uncle say: Money No Enough!

02 May 2017

This quiz is framed as a hypothetical conversation between a 'typical' taxi uncle (no offence intended, this is meant to be a caricature) and you, the passenger. We've all heard taxi uncles complain about the state of the economy, income levels, and their perception of poverty in Singapore. How much of this is true, and how much of it does not stand up to the facts? Can you tell the difference?

Taxi Uncle: Where you going to ah?
You: Uncle, Yishun please!
Taxi Uncle: Yishun? Siao ah, so dangerous. Must extra surcharge to go to that crazy area!
You: Uh, but taxis are already so expensive nowadays!
Taxi Uncle: Eh, nowadays everything also expensive la. Money no enough! Let uncle tell you about Singapore economy today....

1. Taxi uncle say, every year the rich and poor getting further apart la. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer every year, right?
Claim: Income inequality has been getting worse in recent years.

2. Taxi uncle say, at least lucky we live in Singapore. Life is much worse in the rest of Asia lah.
Question: Which country in this list had the worst income inequality?

3. Taxi uncle say, you don’t complain about cannot afford taxi surcharge la. Neighbour country got so many people cannot even buy food!
Which country in our region has the highest proportion living in absolute poverty (earning less than US$1.50 per day)?

4. Taxi uncle say, those European countries take better care of poor uncles than Singapore. In Finland, some people no need to work also can get free money every month!

5. Taxi uncle say, this gahmen make poor people pay so much tax instead of taxing all those filthy rich people much more. Unfair sia!
Claim: Tax rates for the poor are the same as tax rates for the rich in Singapore.

6. Taxi uncle say, I last time receive a $1,000 bill and actually our entire national anthem is written in fine print on the back! Uncle eyesight not so good, but can still see the words! Believe or not?

7. Taxi uncle say, nowadays got damn lot of rich people in Singapore. In fact, Singapore got most number of multi-millionaires for any city in the world!

8. Taxi uncle say, even billionaires also got a lot nowadays. I see so many Sentosa Cove house, so many Ferrari, so many KTVs... I think got more than 100 billionaires in Singapore!
How many billionaires are there in Singapore?

9. Taxi uncle say, everybody except uncle is earning a lot hor. Even our politicians pay is the highest in the world and their salary is pegged to the top earning Singaporeans la! Sure win like that, la.

10. Taxi uncle say, cannot earn a good living driving taxi nowadays. One month drive full shift still cannot even earn more than the average working Singaporean. Jialat la.

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