Discover the truth about Singapore,
10 hard questions at a time.

"Confirm?" = Singlish for "Is that a fact?"

Not everything you read on the internet is true, and not everything you think you know for sure is correct. Discover your misperceptions, compare your understanding of issues against others, and find out what is real and what are just #fakenews or #alternativefacts.

Date Topic
07 Dec MRT broken again ah? Take taxi la! 350
28 Sep Still 6.9 million people? 730
19 Jul Count on me, Singapore? 962
27 Jun Gahmen elderly schemes damn confusing la 430
19 Jun CompletLEE confused about 38 Oxley Road? 441
08 Jun Eh, why Muslims liddat one? 1002
15 May Kopi Kaki: 50 Shades of Law 1129
02 May Taxi Uncle say: Money No Enough! 2415
01 Apr Fake News Headlines (Feb '17) 911
01 Apr Kaypoh Auntie: Married already ah? 282

When in doubt, just follow these simple rules::

  • Blur Sotong's Guide to the Internet
  • 1. Don't be bodoh: not sure, better find out.
  • 2. Don't kena bluff: don't anyhow believe everything you read online.
  • 3. Don't talkcock: not confirm true, don't spread rumor la.